Debutante Ball


The Debutante Ball is Eta Sigma Chapter’s most prized signature program. Each year, since its inaugural showing in 1950, the Eta Sigma Debutante Ball has set the precedent for debutante events in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Through the years, the chapter has had the opportunity to sponsor more than a thousand young ladies, who continually appreciate the time and dedication on behalf of sorority members during this rites of passage.
Representing high schools from all across the metro area, the young ladies, accompanied by their junior escorts, participate in workshops, service projects, and weekly rehearsals in preparation for their grand debut. Each year, parents, friends, and guests are invited to experience this beautiful affair and to look on as the young adults demonstrate their poise and showcase their cotillion dance. On Saturday, December 11, 2010, Eta Sigma held its annual Debutante Ball at the Marriott Marquis.

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Rites of Passage Workshops
As part of the Debutante Program, the selected young ladies and their junior escorts participate in several rites of passage workshops that aim to aid in broadening their social graces and self-esteem. These workshops cover topics such as table etiquette, communication, and personal appearance.

Community Service
All Debutantes are required to complete ten (10) or more hours of community service in projects and activities sponsored by the Eta Sigma Chapter. These activities have included fundraising walks, donating to the homeless, and volunteering at the Eta Sigma Youth Symposium.

Miss Rhomania Scholarship
The Miss Rhomania Scholarship Contest is an integral part of the Debutante Program. Participating debutantes are eligible to receive scholarships from the sorority to further their dreams of higher education by running for Queen of the Debutante Ball. Traditionally, three scholarships are made available to the Debutante Ball Court.

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