Youth Symposium


Annually, on the 2nd Saturday in March, Alumnae Chapters of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. unite under “One Vision, One Path and One Sisterhood” to simultaneously host the “It’s in the Bag” Youth Symposiums across the nation with the theme of “H3: Its all About Me—Healthy Choices, Healthy Living, Healthy Generations.” The goal for the Nationwide Youth Symposium is to provide a forum for our sorority and the community to work together to aid in reducing the chance of teen pregnancy, and to present workshops that help our young people cope with challenges related to improving their self-esteem and in making positive choices and decisions on a daily basis.

Healthy Choices: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Sigma Gamma Rho has partnered with the National STEM program to promote math and the sciences, particularly among children of color as the primary focus of the 2012 Nationwide Youth Symposium. The focus will be on encouraging students to excel in and consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Healthy Living: Childhood Obesity

In addition to the primary focus on STEM, we will focus on addressing the issue of childhood obesity, which remains one of the main challenges facing young people today. Obesity impacts children emotionally, psychologically, social, as well as physically. We will be promoting physical activity and healthy eating habits.

Healthy Generations: My future World: Environmental Awareness—“Going Green”

Our third focus will be on increasing awareness of the impact we all have on the environment and steps we can take to pass on a healthier world to our future generations. Topics discussed will include ways to reduce our carbon footprint, ideas for reusing items and recycling items that we are not able to reuse.

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